The main provision of forum rules

1. General Provisions:

1.1 Ignorance of the rules does not exempt them from the need to fulfill them.

1.2 All information available on the forum is for informational purposes only. All messages reflect the opinions of their authors, and the administration does not bear any responsibility for them.

1.3 Do not pay attention to procurers / inadequacies. Do not answer them, even if you think that they insulted you.

1.4 The forum is open, any user of the Internet network can become a forum user.

1.5 All users are at the same level, regardless of the number of messages and the date of registration.

1.6 The forum rules can be changed unilaterally by the administration of this resource without prior notification to users.


2. Registration / User nickname:

2.1 The player's nickname must not be longer than 20 characters.

2.2 It is forbidden to use IP in nick and adverts.

2.3 It is forbidden to use nicks containing insults of other users, as well as a set of incomprehensible letters.

2.4 It is forbidden to use nicknames similar to the forum administration nicknames.

2.5 It is forbidden to have more than 1 account.


3. Conditions for creating new topics and answers to existing topics:

3.1 Any user has the right to create a topic that corresponds to the rules of the forum and is not repeated on this issue.

3.2 In the title, be sure to state the reason / question.

3.3 Before creating a topic with a question, try to correctly formulate your own question for yourself.

3.4 Use the search and filter in the forums to find answers to questions.

3.5 Any topic about the sale of something is prohibited, without the permission of the main administration.

3.6 Red font should only be used by the forum administration.

3.7 The user has the right to use all available means and functions of the forum for creating and editing topics and messages.

3.8 The user has the right to participate in the discussion, express his own opinion on any issue in any topic.

3.9 The user may require other forum participants to comply with these rules.

3.10 If you did not describe everything in the message, you do not need to write the following message, there is an "Edit"

3.11 Multiposting is forbidden - 2 or more messages in a row

3.12 Necroposting is forbidden


The condition for closing its theme:

1. If you want to close your topic, please contact the forum moderators via private messages or unsubscribe in the subject, with the words "Closed".

It is forbidden:

4.1 Leave messages that are contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation or international law (for example, propaganda for extremism, terrorism, drugs, incitement to interethnic, interreligious or social discord, etc.);

4.2 Use of curses (mate, including - veiled), any kind of insults (including indirect ones, for example, insults of parents, wishes for diseases, etc.), threats, slander, invasion of someone's private life ( the method of posting any private information about someone, without his consent);

4.3 Abuse network slang, i.e. create messages that contain at least half of the slang words that may make it difficult for others to understand the messages;

4.4 Flood (including Offtopic), which means posting on a forum of the same type, not carrying a semantic load, or not related to the topic of information

4.5. Placing any advertisement of third-party competing resources without the permission of the site administration;

4.7 Create topics whose names do not match their content;

4.8 Creating repetitive themes or messages;

4.9 Use of large-sized images in personal signature;

4.10 Abuse of transliteration, or other foreign fonts;

4.11 Use of similarity / clones of users' names, as well as identical avatars;

4.12 Abuse messages in capital letters, large font sizes, bright colors (a way to attract attention to their messages);

4.13 Use images of a primordial nature that contain violence, and images that incite interethnic conflicts;

4.14 It is open to discuss at the forum the actions of the administration, moderators, experts and all members of the site team, with a view to discrediting them. If there are any substantiated comments regarding their work, it is necessary to bring them to the administration through a system of complaints.

4.15 Multiple registration of one user under different nicknames (user names).

4.16 Set Like and DisLike for no reason.

4.17 Like and DisLike.

4.18 Excessive lifting of old topics


5. Representatives of the Administration have the right:

5.1 Participate in the discussion as an ordinary user (participant).

5.2 Delete messages or take other stringent measures to control messages within the forum without explaining to the participant the reasons for these actions.

5.3 Edit, delete, move topics or messages in certain sections in accordance with their rights and forum rules.

5.4 Determine whether a particular message belongs to a prohibited subject.

5.5 Send a notification to the participant about the violation of the rules.

5.6 Remove the warning (reduce the number of warnings) from the participant in the event that the participant continues to comply with all forum rules.



These rules were compiled on October 17, 2017.

The administration has the right to edit them, notifying the users about it.

Respectfully, Project Administration TickRateGames.