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Information about Buy VIP, Donate. This topic for foreign citizens!

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TRGames #6 Bhop - 128 Tick [!shop !ws !knife !gloves]

In this thread you can see those privileges which gives the status VIP or other

This topic for foreign citizens.

!!! Warning !!!

  • Turn on VIP status is possible => B E F O R E payment <= to the player no doubt.
  • When a player receives the status VIP the money will not be returned, because it is regarded as a donation and as a thank you we give VIP status.
  • Girls VIP status is free!
  • Do you have the title of "Lord of Bhop" on the server? - Exchange it for free for Premium status! [Deadline - 2 months]
  • You have birthday? - 10% discount on privileges! [Required Document, ex. passport]


  • VIP - 2.20 euro per month (Please consider a Commission)
  • VIP - 11.60 euro forever (Please consider a Commission)

Payment Methods

For donations you need to use PayPal. (Please consider a Commission)
Donations in the form of "steam items" will not be accepted.

For VIP's (2.20 euro) !vip - VIP Menu

What will you have:

★ 1. Full Skins quality, StatTrak, NameTag for weapons and knives. (VIP skins are available by typing "★" in the search).
★ 2. CSGO Gloves - 100% of quality.
★ 3. Personal Models for VIP - "4" and ALL models from Shop.
★ 4. Bonus credits for the maps.
★ 5. SkyBox (Menu with a choice of textures of the sky).
★ 6. Nightvison - !nvg 
★ 7.  !tp -  the third person view (such as GTA).
★ 8. Neon (Player Highlight).
★ 9. Tag [VIP] in TAB.
★ 10. Your CustomRank in chat! - !customrank
★ 11. Immunity.
★ 12. Reserve slot (if the server is filled with players you can join by typing in the console: connect
★ 13. Group VIP on the forum (Only with a purchase with a period of 'Forever').

MENU VIP: Безымянный.png  Безымянный1.png

Commands of VIP:

  • !vip - VIP Menu 
  • !ws - Weapon Skins Menu (VIP skins are available by typing "★" in the search).
  • !gl/!gloves - Gloves Menu with 100% quality.
  • !tp -View from the 3rd person such as gta
  • !nvg - Night Vision
  • !customrank - Your CustomRank in chat!
  • If the server is filled with players, you can join by typing in the console: connect

On all questions write:  Discord - WildMort#9963 or

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